Friday, November 23, 2007

a little branding history

I saw this sign at the Fort Worth Stockyards last weekend. Cowboys were the first branders:
  • Brands are one of the most interesting tools used by livestock people. Each brand is by necessity different than all the others and often conveys the character of the owner.
  • Choose as simple a brand as possible.
  • Apply the brand properly.
  • Brands have a language all their own. That language, like any other, follows certain rules. The ability to read these symbols is referred to as "callin' the brand."
Hmmm, maybe this makes Cowgirl Planner even the more relevant. And for Planners everywhere, here's to callin' the brand correctly. :)

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Leland said...

Actually, pirates were the first real branders (i.e. simple graphics used to evoke emotion). Their flags were designed to contaminate the minds of their soon-to-be victims with fear and dread. This was psychological warfare.

Typically we think of a pirate flag as a black flag with skull and cross bones, but in truth, real pirates used a variety of symbols to evoke fear. The symbols were often associated with the repurations of the captain: the hour glass (swiftness in battle and death), a full body skeleton holding a sword (representing a partnership with death himself), a person standing on skulls (representing a history of a killing), a pierced heart (speaks to a merciless death), heart with drops of blood (represent a long, drawn out death) and so on.