Wednesday, February 13, 2008

blogs make us think

Yesterday I stumbled on 90 Day Jane > a 24 year old girl who has decided to blog about her last 90 days of life. Some call it a hoax, others have taken her plea for help very seriously (the amount of comments she has gotten will make any blogger a little jealous). finally reacted and took her blog off the map, but she persevered on her own site and now...I'm not sure what's happening. You decide. Apparently she is posting something to Post Secret revealing the project for what it is. Hmmm...

Jane made me think. Some of her posts are about the digital age, how connections made online may not be of much value when taken offline, and how relationships today may be more fake than ever because of this. I have made many connections with fellow bloggers and am inspired by Jen at Innovation Feeder to give a shoutout to those that make me think the most.

Noah Briar - always making new connections and pushing the limits of what we consider to be integrated communications.
Russell Davies - if there's a planning celebrity, I'd say it's Russell, this uber planner is seemingly down-to-earth. I'd love to chat if you ever make it to Dallas.
Daniel Mejia - from Columbia, he blogs in English and has a very on-point perspective about planning and strategically weaving brands into people's lives.
Amelia Torode - I always like what she has to say, very down to earth and super smart.

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I don't know if Jane's mission is real or has been side-tracked by the numerous connections she has made with fellow bloggers, but I can say that being part of this community is important to me as if we all worked together in the same planning department. And that means something online and off. Inspiration is just a click away. :)

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Greg said...

I just skimmed really quick over this, but it reminds me of Lonelygirl15, an online experimentation very much in the same sense. It made a lot of waves, to the pages of CNET and even Entertainment Weekly and Los Angeles times. The project I recall people interacting it and the Film makers reacting to user participation. With instant feedback, I've noticed that TV also has become a little more reactionary, especially with Lost with the writers constantly communicating to the fans through interviews, and taking a hint from the fans to kill off some objectionable character additions.

Another, (probably the most famous) fake blog is "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" by FakeSteve. Its never made any illusions to be real, in fact partially because of that it caused it to attain a cult fanbase.

And it even spawned the well-selling book, "Options"

FakeSteve became a legend in the blogging community as everyone tried to guess who FSJ was (even making it major news networks), and finally he revealed himself, a clever Wall Street Journal writer that shocked even his boss.

The things I do when I should be working...