Tuesday, February 12, 2008

media snackers

Wake up: the media landscape is changing.


dk said...

Many thanks for the feature :-)

MediaSnackers Founder

Greg said...

Heh, Man Erin you need to get with the times, yo. Get yourself a subscription to Wired magazine already. (I'm not fond of it but its the most avant-garde in digital culture).

Trev said last year the major studios were all looking at web content prepping for cellphones and other delivery systems. No one seems to really have completely capitalized on it as much as the geeks have. Like so:

Its idiotic and yet strangely appealing. Its the stupidity and "media snacking" that lands outside of the your controlled media entertainment. Its like how Google snatched up Youtube as opposed to having Fox or Time Warner. The turn around time for these just don't fit the schedule more established media companies like.

An interesting foray on the hollywood and entertainment is

Its a TV show broadcast in snippets, its garnered studio interest to be picked up by NBC, but had some backers funding it previous. It operates in the more tidy methodology that Hollywood likes. Someone finances. They watch. They see reviews/results. They buy. THat works in many facets today but it doesn't lend you to trend mongering.

Its funny to see this as buzzword, its very true about today's culture but I'm more fond of "Web 2.0".