Monday, May 5, 2008

tips to write strategy

Richard has written 17, but here are the first fabulous five:

1. Time is not the problem in creating strategy, ideas are. If you can find an idea the time will find itself.

2. Ideas first, facts second. Facts only make sense in the light of an idea.

3. There are only two criteria for judging your creative strategies - are they simple and are they interesting.

4. It is vital to be interesting, it is merely important to be right.

5. If you look in the same place as everyone else you will never find something interesting, no matter how clever you are.

Stay informed and plan for time to think.


Cam Beck said...

Hmm... I would urge caution at point #2. It may be right, but some might interpret it as saying facts and ideas are mutually exclusive, when they are in fact interdependent in this space.

Balmule said...

This post was simple AND interesting. Facts complement the idea. In advertising you must marry the facts with the idea to make the product credible but it first must catch the attention and eye thus be interesting.


Balmule said...

How come no posts since May 5th?