Monday, January 19, 2009

my bio

I have to write one for work, so I thought I'd take try a test one here. Let's see, when did it all start...

I discovered advertising as I was re-writing papers at the University of Oregon in hopes of becoming a magazine journalist and working for Rolling Stone. During the introductory course, I continuoully heard the words "insights" and "ideas" and thought, this sounds like fun! So I enrolled in an advertising strategy course the next term and found my passion: planning. From there on out, I got straight As (except for one B in management, :P) - a collegiate feat achieved solely in my advertising major; I thought wow, I get it AND I'm good at it: score!

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, I went to Alicante, Spain to immerse myself in Spanish culture and learn another language. Hacia un ano muy buenisimo y tenia gracias por todo. It was in Madrid, that I met an account planner who told me about Miami Ad School's Account Planning Bootcamp: "It's a good place to hone your skills," he said. I never forgot the suggestion...almost three years later - after working for Vitamin World, J.Crew, The National Psoriasis Foundation, Clear Channel Radio, and Starbucks in Portland, Oregon - I applied. And got in.

It was at Bootcamp that I encountered my mentor and my future job connection to The Richards Group - Christopher Owens. I wanted to be an electric planning firecracker just like him, but I thought "Dallas? Really?" It took a stint as a Freelance strategist in Portland working on a brand strategy for the Bridgeport Brewing Company and a hot summer in New York blogging for PSFK to finally settle me in the LoneStar State. And here I am, a happy planner.

When I'm not briefing for the next pre-order incentive at GameStop, researching trends to house in the Trend Lab, or helping out with a new business pitch, I'm riding my bike as one of the only cyclist commuters you'll see in Dallas or drinking a Shiner at a local music show. Sure I miss my green, tree-filled Pacific Northwest; but heck, Oregon ain't got nothin on ya'll's BBQ.


J Lowe said...

lets go eat bbq and drink beer asap

erin said...

yay! Ok. :) maybe we do a sunday thing... ?