Thursday, March 19, 2009

creative briefs

Some things I've learned in my first year:
  1. do not always happen
  2. should be part of a larger conversation/should never be a hand off
  3. help the creatives identify what the strategy means to who
  4. sometimes are just "the form to fill out"
  5. sometimes they're not brief
  6. media peeps will be the most interested in demographics
  7. creative guidelines are more of a "must do" than a general direction
  8. the client will always want to see their name in the single most persuasive
  9. using direct quotes from consumers helps get the language right
My insight today was point number 3 - that they help give color to why the strategy works for our target audience. I always though the brief was just a one-sheeter with power-packed, inspirational language that would help focus the creative output, but to hear that creatives are identifying with the strategy from it, make me happy.

Maybe this is a "duh" point to make, but it was validating to hear and helps to support this planning document even more. :)

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Jam said...

It's never stupid to go back to basics. I believe that is, essentially, our job...

good points, all :)