Monday, March 16, 2009

doing some reading

just a small round-up of "news" from Mediaweek:, which targets males 12-24, is now MTV Networks' largest online property with over 11 million monthly uniques.
Could the next evolution of MTV being a gaming space?
Entertainment brands like movie studios and game publishers seek higher impact ad placements, which casual games can offer better than most content sites.
Is this saying that doing advertising in the form of games is high-impact placement or that placing ads on casual gaming sites is high-impact? not very good writing.
New Character Project by celebrates interesting, dazzling, and distinctive people from all walks of life, who make this country extraordinary.
Sounds cool, but this sounds like it could be a great TV show - maybe one of the only good TV shows on TV these days (do people seriously watch good TV somewhere? let me know). Anyway, I checked out the website and this also seems like it would be a good project to benefit a nonprofit, but...again, doesn't look like USA is coming through on this. Hmmm. I bet they aren't even on Twitter. OH, I was wrong; check this out! :P
Peter Daboll says: "Smart marketers will use this economic lull as an opportunity to stop, listen and learn how to communicate with consumers instead of spinning their wheels."
You should read this awesome case study about Bank of America and their Twitter account; it's about how brands can be providing exceptionally personal customer-service for FREE using Twitter. Yes, really.

47% of U.S. homes upgraded to HDTVs, up from 34% in 2007 but...why? "TV" isn't getting any better.

Ok, done reading now. Thanks for letting me share.

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kevin said...

Love the bit about MTV as a gaming space. I think where we're headed, everything is going to be interactive, and as an extension of that we're going to be dealing with a lot more gaming that we do now. Though maybe that's just the pipedream of an incredible nerd.