Saturday, May 30, 2009

levels of connectivity

Everyone wants to know how to get involved with social media. What BIG IDEA do I need to come up with? Is it an advertising space? How do I do it.

Funjet Vacations (via one of Gmail's ads) has got it right. They are connected. They understand that I might want to share some of the information I see on their site with other people I know. So they have put information on social media sites that enable that sharing to happen.

Another useful way to use these same sites is to provide options to share the information you're currently reading on X site ON Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, via email, etc.

I do like how Funjet provide a myriad of ways in which you can receive information from them, depending on your level of connectivity.

I expect to see more sites integrating with the main three (Myspace really seems to be going the music route): Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

With so much on the web, having these ubiquitous tools helps us all streamline communications and the information that's relevant to us. Instead of creating something new (unless it's better), just sync up with these already existing, popular social media sites. Your fans will thank you.


Thapas said...
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Thapas said...

Most clients who are into 'social media' think it to be a place where you can dump messages like the old "fill the town with our billboards" method. That never works.

The Harvard Business Review April 2009 published a brilliant report on the segmentation of communities as:

1. Pools (brought together by a shared interest)
2. Hubs (held together by a central figure)
3. Webs (held together by relationships)

The possibilities then seem much clearer. I'd put together a 'product feature-driven' community on the basis of a 'pool' model, a 'Fitness Guru or other brand personality-driven' community on the basis of a 'hub' model and a Cervical Cancer support group on the basis of a 'web' model.

Just a thought that I put in at a recent presentation...

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