Friday, May 29, 2009

my mission

WOW. Even though I've changed the header several times since I started this blog, my mission is still the same idea:
One of the most motivating words to me is connectivity: the value of being connected in order to grow. This blog should be a center for a learning, a place to share experiences and knowledge, and a social media outlet for junior planners who read blogs.
Funny that I probably wrote this in early 2008, and we couldn't be more connected to each other as we are today, and social media has taken off like wild fire.

I need to pay tribute to Piers for teaching me how to spot trends. :)


Daisy said...

Kudos for sticking to your mission and being of help to aspiring planners :) How do you think MAS helped you? Do you think people will be better prepared to work as a junior planner after attending MAS or is it possible to be self taught?

I'm curious, what is your secret to spotting trends?


erin said...

Thanks Daisy!

MAS helped focus all of my passion and enthusiasm. It gave me experience with the creative process that would have taken me years to accumulate in the real world, and the educational environment was a lot more relaxing and conducive to big leaps in wisdom than your average office.

I do believe planners can be self taught. Even though I studied advertising in school and went to MAS, I still feel self-taught. Weird. A lot of the planners I've met have fallen into it from other areas: anthropology, account mngmt, creative, english, and the list goes on. A good planner is insightful, that's what it takes.

Spotting trends, well if I tell you my secret I'll have to kill you. jk. To me spotting trends is all about finding connections between all the innovative ideas that make the headlines and newsletters that come to our inbox. Trendspotting spots change and asks what else is going on to contribute to this evolution? And then you give it a funny name. :P I try not to do too much of the funny naming, but sometimes it happens. I found it so I can call it whatever I want.