Friday, May 29, 2009


Hey JPIA fans, I want to apologize for the lack of serious content lately. I hate to disappoint. I have a lot to say and have found myself getting setback by "the fear of perfection"'s stupid really. A wonderful recruiter once told me about stalling on my resume: "Well you're definitely not going to get a job that way!" True dat.

So I think what I need is a clean-up. As a strategist, I need a BIG IDEA to inspire the direction I go with this "overhaul."

BIG IDEA: creative connectivity? Inspire productivity? (woah, a rhyme!) how about: connected productivity? I wish I had a better word for productivity...NOTE TO PLANNERS: EVERY WORD ON THE BRIEF COUNTS, don't ever think that it doesn't.

I'm looking for inspiration lately. The work day sometimes just seems to fly by without any of it...damnit, I can do something about this. :)

Ok, so I know where I want to be. Where am I now - feeling stuck, bogged down by "too much stuff," overwhelmed with idealism, inhibited by deadlines. YIKES!

JPIA needs a pep-talk. Come on Junior! Get your sh*t together, you can do this! You love planning, creating ALL aspects of a strategy, and being creative with communications; The "social world" is so easy to get wrapped up in. Make time for your solo act; it will pay-forward into the social sphere tenfold.

off to clean-up now. Go!

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