Sunday, July 12, 2009

Insight Chasers

on a long drive today, I started to think about what if...I started my own agency. Thinking about filling a niche that traditional agencies try so hard to reach while setting myself up for long-term planner wisdom and connections planning 101, I arrived at the name (and purpose) of Insight Chasers.

now, if I can only harness the power of the creative collective online via social media, maybe this 'agency' could be virtual, of the future, and accessible to anyone.

read The New Socialism by Wired and you'll get a better sense of the collectivist community I'm referring to.


Anonymous said...

I've often thought about the merit of doing this.. it's a good idea.

A virtual agency could pull in expertise from far and wide. Imagine getting a brief and sending it to 10 different planners in 10 different countries. You'd probably get 10 different - but excellent (if you choose your planners wisely)- interpretations.

Same goes for creative execution. Of course everyone would have to work for free. But a good way to make a name for yourself if you're a junior creative/planner or anyone else trying to get into the game.

I'd work for "Insight Chasers" - let me know if you need a partner :)

erin said...

Thanks for your input Rookie!

where are you located in the world?

Anonymous said...