Monday, July 13, 2009

tone and tenor

This morning on NPR, they had a segment about wire taps - that hearing it straight from the source with the original speaker's demeanor, tone and tenor, was more useful than a recreated scene from a crime or case. It made me think of qualitative research - that actually conducting qualitative in-home interviews, man on the street interviews, or ethnographic style projects, would pay forward tenfold in making the case for a particular strategy.

The reporter said that 50% of communication is done with tone and tenor. I think 50% of our time spent hypothesizing whether or not this creative will work OR testing it once it's done should be spent just talking to consumers, hearing it straight from the source, asking the right questions, and making notes on their tone and tenor. Because if insight can make or break a criminal case, it surely can be used to make or break a creative one.

Plan on.

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