Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a letter from Starbucks

Hi, We're making a change. Using simpler recipes and taking out artificial ingredients. So your food not only tastes better, it is better. It's a start. But we think it's a good one. Hope you do too. Enjoy.

Your Friends at Starbucks

PS. More to come.

I don't always enjoy lots of copy on my product packaging, but Starbucks has done a nice job handling theirs over the years. And this "letter" of new development is no exception. I think this will do good things for them in the wake of McDonald's offering premium coffees. If Mickey D's ever wrote a letter like this on their packaging, you'll bet they'd earn more media than Monster and Threadless combined.

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Beverly Flichman said...

I wish I got that cup instead of the one I just did. Mine said "We don't just want to make your drink. We want to make your day. It's not just coffee. It's Starbucks."

Yuck. Don't tell me you want to make my day. Just make my day, the way I expect you to. Use the cup to share conversations with me. Connect me to the environment and fair trade issues. Delight me with design and holiday cheer. Share some good tunes.

The beauty of the Starbucks brand is that they've always understood that actions speak louder than marketing speak. Hopefully they won't forget that entirely in the face of the economy and competition.