Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the future of search

This week, the Search Marketing Expo is happening in New York City. And there a lot of people tweeting about the topics and conversations, just check out #smx.

One of the big topics that seems to be coming out of the keynote this AM is the future of search. Check out Lisa's transcript of the discussion here.

We might have all heard the term “real-time search” but I think there are huge implications for the future – Twitter uses #hashtags to find relevant terms of what’s happening RIGHT NOW. Google Wave, I think will be along these same lines. The fact is, Google’s way of searching is a bit old-school now, we want more relevant data. This is especially true for brands that want/need to be relevant to the cultural conversation. How to be more timely...

Read more about the future of search in this great article from ReadWriteWeb.

And head over to Twitter to start following the hashtag #smx.

Happy Tuesday.

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