Monday, October 12, 2009

MYT 35 - Real-Time Search

Every week, a small group of us here put together a Trend Lab newsletter covering a topic we think is important to make the work more culturally relevant. This week's topic was real-time search.

Clients want immediate results. We try to pacify their desire for instant gratification by talking to them about the time and attention a strong brand deserves. But it seems that more and more these days, immediacy is more relevant than in-depth information. Only time will tell what wins; maybe it’s an effective combination of the two.

This week’s MYT talks about Real-Time Search – The trend of immediacy has inspired new search tools to help feed the frenzy – we want what we want, and we want it now! The Trend Lab forecasts that it will be no different with advertising in the future. In Show & Tell last Thursday, interns brought us articles that talked about a new retail ad service that would sync with inventory – if a particular product was out, it would yank the associated ads online – talk about real-time advertising.

A pretty interesting trend to watch out for.

Examples we mentioned included Collecta and Topsy.

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