Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What happened to connections planning?

A great presentation found on Ed's Influx Insights made by Jason and Gareth at this year's Planning-ness conference in San Francisco, rallied by Mark.

Some great points:
  • Where connections planning went wrong: we applied the lens of advertising (interruptive, message-based) to new media. We should apply the lens of new media (interactivity, iteratioin) to advertising.
  • We have an opportunity to rethink the value of connections planning. It's a new creative process, not an output.
  • Put human connections at the heart of everything, grounded in a deep understanding of what people are trying to do, what the brand is trying to do, and how people use media.
  • It isn't about digital, it's about planning for interaction.

Take a look through the slides for more, and take some time to reflect on the way you view the role of planning. Do we need to segment the discipline or should it just be the way we all think?

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