Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Case Study - Camel No. 9

Some of you know that I'm fascinated with product/packaging design. And some of you have also heard me lobby for the new Camel No. 9 packaging. I am not a smoker BUT this packaging says "cool" without words.

My hypothesis is that design affects purchase as much as messaging does. If the two work together you've got a shoe-in for increasing consumption.

I could be wrong, but I think the new packaging is going to tip the scale in favor of at least having a pack of cigarettes on your person. It's like a designer label (hmmm, wonder why they call it that)--it's just cool to have.

Camel got some ink in the NYTimes (2.15.07):
  • The introduction of Camel No. 9 is part of plans to “focus on products that are ‘wow,’ ” she added, “that add fun and excitement to the category.”
  • “very good at innovation” — bringing out variations of existing brands with new packages, flavors, styles and other twists on familiar offerings.