Saturday, April 21, 2007

advice to juniors

From the Account Planning Group of Romania : an interview with Russell Davies.

what is the role of a planner?
  • being a non-threatening person for the creatives to talk to. Lots of people just need to talk to someone in order to get their ideas in order. They don't really need help, just conversation.
what do you think is special about being a planner?
  • It makes you free to think about the right stuff, and gives you the time to consider stuff. Everyone else in the agency actually has to get stuff done and often doesn't have the time to think. You do. So you should.
do you think all planners should have blogs?
  • I think good planners are able to express themselves succinctly and persuasively; and blogs are good for practicing that. I think all planners should have blogs. As long as they all link to mine.
A planner must have years of experience in research before working as a planner. Do you agree with this view of junior planners?
  • Being a junior planner is difficult. So much of the job is down to experience, pattern recognition and gravitas. I have a lot of respect for junior planners, it's a tough job, but if you can make yourself valuable in that job then you're going to be really good with a few years under your belt.
End of interview. And for the record: gravitas is a serious manner of behavior causing feelings of respect and trust in others. Go get some! COOL!

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