Saturday, April 21, 2007

marketing vs advertising

I tend to use marketing in cases that are product-centric: events, promotions, packaging, in-store, distribution, etc. Advertising seems to be in the mental realm: images, logos, messaging, emotions, feelings, etc.

Marketing seems to be more about getting the product in your hands, while advertising seems to be about getting you to the product.

Marketing encompasses all of the other "p" components: price, promotion, placement.

Advertising gets clumped in with promotion. Yes, we make publicity for and try to sell products, but advertising is also about an attitude/bond/tie with a product. Clearly, so much more. :P

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dharmaDiver said...

my opinion:

The purpose of marketing : To promote the growth and sustainability of your business and to actively combat competition.

The purpose of advertising : To communicate who you are, what you do, how consumers can reach you.

I know you know where I got that second bit of info... ;)

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