Wednesday, June 20, 2007

moving to New York

yeah, sorry for the long pause > i was gone for a week to walk the streets of NYC and talk to people about planning. it was super cool! Now I'm moving because I was "high on good conversations" there and i want more. :) Crossing my fingers that it's the right place to be with the passion and enthusiasm i've got. It's a costly move but I feel it needs to be done.

will post more info about the trip soon. I've got a lot of new information to share with you all about "getting a job" and "networking." But due to travel, i am sick! it totally sux. i hate being sick, yeah i used the word hate (which i never feel good about). if any of you are sick, maybe other people being sick with you will make it better...maybe not. but i know community helps when you feel low. :)

1 comment:

johanna said...

1. awesome! congrats on the decision.

2. i hope you get better. now.

3. bring nicole with you?